Zoo Escape

Zoo Escape plays Suicide Pop. Pentatonic plague relief – what we sell is what you need. Suicide Pop – c'est quoi?

Imagine, Brecht and Adorno always wanted to hit the local dancefloor together, but up til now they could never find a common sound. On their official debut „Apart From Love“ Zoo Escape presents a melange from powerpop, 77-punk and Stones-like-licks. There is no wrong tone in these right-ones but still we face the year 2015 and all bandmembers are in their early 20ies. So they took over these influences they love and baked their own cupcake out of them. With a few brandnew food colorings mingled in of which they presume, one should survive consumption. But what's certain these days – welcome to the melodramatic world of Suicide Pop! The auditive Petite Mort with lyrics of a special sort – touching zeitgeist, stupor, silly fares – still love's a topic not found there. Not yet at least.

What else could one say? Let’s disguise it in verse: This is the kind of Avantgarde that fits precisely in your shopping cart – if you wanna rumble day and night, just mix pop with suicide! So run a stake right through your heart, just be smart, keep love apart.