Sonny Vincent (Testors)

This is a brief outline of Sonny Vincent's history, to some it may read like the perfect script for a movie about a Rock'n'Roll desperado on his way to becoming an icon. But this story is not from any movie folks or about any media hype, it's about the real thing... A real rock'n'roll hero with the passion, the energy and the feeling. The integrity of his music is obvious in the opening notes of each and every song. The audience reaction at his live performances can only be described with words like 'possessed' 'uninhibited', 'intense' 'wild'. Born in New York City and raised on its streets and in its clubs. At age 13 he illegally lived in a girls' dorm on the campus of N.Y.U. with three female students. At 14 he played his first show in the Village. At 15 he spent some time in reform school. But all through everything always writing and performing with his 1969 Gibson Les Paul. There is a lot of history to tell such as a two year jail term for possesion of one joint, but it is all right there in the music and that's where it screams out loud and where you can find it ...all the pain as well as the excitement from someone who has lived wild and hard. As you find out more and more of the bits and pieces of his life you really feel someone could make a movie about him... but like I said its all in the music. Listen to it, youll know, too.

Alain Courtre