Simon Chainsaw

Like Sonny Vincent, Kevin K, Scott Morgan and France's Freddy Lynxx before him, Simon Chainsaw is an enigma on the international punk/underground scene .  Always on the move, he has found more success in the four corners of the world than on his home turf, Australia. He is a cult figure with years of  shows, recordings, releases, tours, blood, sweat & tears behind him....and WITHOUT compromise keeping  true to the punk spirit. Since his early days in Australia with his first band VANILLA CHAINSAWS, contstantly on the move and has lived in Europe, USA, UK and now Brazil where he fronts the mighty S.C.H.K. (SIMON CHAINSAW & THE HIPPY KILLERS). Check out the order page to see his extensive discography (most of which is available here). He plays a mix of 70's punk and 60's detroit punk. Check out the influences... Dead Boys, Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, MC-5, Radio Birdman, Sonic's Rendevous Band. But his true roots are in Austalian Punk.... stuff like, Thought Criminals, Razar, Fucking Leftovers, Suicide Squad..... there's too many to name. His honest style means no fancy effects .... just Gibson guitars, Marshall amps, distortion pedal for extra gain, and that's it. He'll never be truly famous (at least not like Mick and Keef!!!)..... but ain't that the way we like our heroes??